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Our journey began with gratitude. Welcome to Build Your Own Brain, LLC, your source of inspiration, motivation, and uplifting power. We guide you towards embracing self-love and provide the tools to build and strengthen your mental fortitude by correcting the inner conversation.

Too often, our uncontrollable inner dialogues hinder us, as many of us have been conditioned to rely on our two physical eyes for decision-making, neglecting the understanding that lies within our mental eyes—the realm of love.

Building on this philosophy, Build Your Own Brain, LLC has crafted an internal system for your daily practice. Choosing to conquer each morning transforms life into a joyous experience. The spirit within you embodies the Law of Attraction, making your desires attainable. We are a faith-based company, spreading the good news in diverse settings, from auditoriums to family reunions.

Our uplifting seminars reach every corner—living rooms, kitchens, backyards, lunchrooms, conference rooms, and more. Wherever a demand exists for positive content, inspirational growth, and mental promotions, the BYOB movement steps in. Mental health, often a topic evaded by many, is dissected into manageable pieces for individual understanding. We delve into core issues such as guilt, lack of self-compassion, and self-neglect. We inspire individuals to love themselves and become adept decision-makers. Join us on this transformative journey at Build Your Own Brain, LLC.



President & Founder

Greetings! I'm Dwight J Morris Jr, the visionary behind Build Your Own Brain, LLC. Battling with depression for over three decades, I endured a self-inflicted barrage of negative thoughts and belittling illusions. Convincing myself I was undeserving, incapable, and destined for failure, I was trapped in a cycle of self-deprecation.

Reaching my lowest point, I resolved to break free from this self-imposed prison and embarked on a transformative journey. Harnessing the power of bibliotherapy, drawing wisdom from the Holy Bible, uplifting self-help books, prayer, and meditation, I fused mental and spiritual therapy. As I delved into the realms of self-discovery, I unearthed the immense power within me, realizing how external influences had conditioned my mindset—from the music I listened to and the news I absorbed to the opinions I sought and the desire to please others.

Born in 1982, my upbringing emphasized placing God at the forefront, yet I struggled to grasp the Bible's teachings. I prayed to an external deity, oblivious to the divine potential within. This confusion led to a period marked by uncertainty, embarrassment, and a frequent admission of "I don't know."

Facing questions about my desires and aspirations, my response was consistently, "I don't know." These words took root in my subconscious, sprouting into a garden of bad decisions, indecisiveness, isolation, fear, guilt, complacency, and below-average satisfaction. Recognizing the transformative power of gratitude, I adopted a daily practice of jotting down and sharing three things I'm grateful for. This simple ritual opened my mind to positive energy, uplifting me and guiding me towards a fulfilling life.

Gratitude became my lifeline, fostering a sense of well-being and inspiring me to uplift others. Today, I stand as a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and gratitude, dedicated to helping others embark on their own journey toward a more empowered and fulfilling life.


COO & Director of Social Media

Hello, I'm Rachelle J. Houston, the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Social Media at Build Your Own Brain, LLC. Hailing from Houston, Texas, I am the youngest among my four siblings.

My journey with depression commenced at the close of my senior year in high school, precisely two weeks before graduation. Tragically, my twin brother fell victim to senseless violence, marking the onset of the darkest period in my life. In the aftermath, I found myself succumbing to destructive habits—daily outings, excessive drinking, and a blatant disregard for my mental well-being.

Reflecting on that tumultuous time, I realized I had allowed my mental state to dictate my emotions and self-worth. The challenges in my life began to dominate me, rather than me steering the course of the person God intended me to be. While I never engaged in activities jeopardizing my future, I recognized the need for a profound shift away from the negative influences and poor choices surrounding me.

In 2016, I experienced a transformative awakening, acknowledging the vast life ahead of me. Embracing self-love and reconnecting with my authentic self became paramount. Life presents challenges, and although circumstances may attempt to define us, it is crucial to rise above and strive for our best selves daily.


I understand that depression manifests differently for each individual. My mission is to guide others towards their better selves, irrespective of their past experiences. Life isn't always adorned with glitter and diamonds, but by persistently aspiring to be the best version of oneself, one can overcome any challenge.

I want you to know that, despite the seeming impossibility at times, everything is achievable. You possess the strength, and I have unwavering faith that, just as I and countless others have overcome, you too can triumph over your situation.




"I am courageous."

-- SUNDAY --

" I am worthy."

-- MONDAY --

"I am loved."


"There are no limits."


"I build relationships."


"I control my feelings."

-- FRIDAY --

"I am smart."



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